Rubber Sheet Series

Rubber Sheet Series



Rubber sheet product Application: Ladies’shoes outsoles, Men’s shoes outsoles, Fashion shoes outsole and insole, slipper outsole, Kid’s shoes outsoles, Welt, Stacks, All rubber outsoles for shoes. 

Rubber sheet made of rubber: the sole is made of a variety of materials to choose from. For example, PU (polyurethane) material is used to make the sole, which is very strong. It can be worn for two years according to the frequency of wearing shoes every day. Then there is the rubber sole, which is very durable and very soft. Very practical. Wearing it every day will not be bad. No more than the PU sole, if it has not been used for a long time, it will be destroyed, but it should be used frequently.

Made of durable and thermo moldable moderate synthetic gum rubber which simulates the properties of real gum rubber. High Abrasion Resistance & Oil Resistant. 

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The sole of the walking shoe is usually made of rubber because the bottom texture of the rubber can be designed according to the topography of the rock for safety. In addition, the choice of rubber soles is also through many examples and tests, as well as deep movement. Not only does it start with a space test at the bottom of the sole, but it also provides a safer balance on the rough surface. The depth of the line is considered to be the largest design basis, and its depth or width is very rigorous. In addition, you can choose the shoes with raised soles, and his adhesion is very strong. It can reduce your gliding while hiking on the slopes. The soles of walking shoes are usually the most durable of the soles of sports shoes and provide strong adhesion.

But rubber sole sheet is the best choice. it's soft and strong.

Rubber sole shoes is very suitable for workers.

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