Rubber sole - Advantages of different material soles?

Advantages of different material soles? #RUBBER SOLE

Under normal circumstances, the common characteristics of the sole material should be wear-resistant, water-resistant, oil-resistant, heat-resistant, pressure-resistant, impact-resistant, elastic, easy to fit the foot shape, not easy to change after setting, heat preservation, easy to absorb moisture and so on.

The material of the sole is divided according to the different shoes: rubber bottom, beef bottom, thousand bottom, foam bottom, composite bottom, leather bottom and so on.

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(1) Rubber sole: The advantage of the rubber sole is that it is very soft and elastic and can be adapted to various sports games. Indoor sports shoes are mostly used for rubber soles; but the disadvantages are also obvious, that is, they are not wear-resistant.

(2) Beef base: light yellow, translucent sole, beautiful appearance, and has good elasticity and wear resistance, comfortable to wear. The bottom of the tendon can be made of rubber, plastic, or thermoplastic elastomer (TPR).

(3) The bottom of the thousand layers: the bottom of the thousand layers is made of white cloth, which is made of multi-layered and made of cashmere. It is comfortable to wear, light and non-slip, warm in winter and sweat absorbent in summer. The base is used to make cloth shoes.

(4) Foam bottom: The shoes made with the foam bottom are very light to wear, and it is very comfortable to walk on the feet, but it is also because the foam soles are too light, if the foam bottoms are not slippery enough, in rainy days or on the ground. It is easy to fall when wet, so choose the quality of the foam bottom shoes, the foam shading road should be enough to slip, the poor foam bottom shoes will be uncomfortable, feeling the feet stuffy.

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(5) Composite bottom: The two layers can be freely taken and combined with the living body. The composite surfaces of the upper and lower bottom layers are arranged in a geometric shape with irregularities. The upper bottom layer is covered with micropores, and the lower bottom edge is provided with geometric holes. An intervening space layer is formed between the upper and lower bottom layers, and the volume of the space layer is changed by the pressure when the person walks, and the gas exchange is automatically performed, thereby achieving the purpose of ventilation and dampness.

(6) Leather sole: The leather sole is a sole that can automatically breathe and breathe the foot. It can automatically release the absorbed sweat to keep the foot dry. Its main features: 1 has better thermal insulation to ensure the proper temperature of the foot in the shoe. 2 light weight, to ensure that the shoes are in a comfortable state. 3 unique three-dimensional fiber structure, the sole does not break when bent at 180 degrees. It can quickly adapt to the shape of the foot, can effectively support the impact of the ground, and protect the foot more effectively than the sole of other materials of the same thickness.


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