Rubber sheet (1)- What kind of material is used for the soles of business men's leather shoes?

Rubber sheet (1)- What kind of material is used for the soles of business men's leather shoes?

1. 1. Upper (Help): The upper is one of the main components of leather shoes. Its softness and fullness determine whether the shoes are smooth. Usually, only the back of the shoe needs to be pressed by hand. If viewed from the surface, the upper part is soft and the hand feel is comfortable, and the gloss of the surface is uniform, and most importantly, the surface is not loose. These shoes are of good smoothness.

2. Insole: The usual male leather shoes with an insole rear half or a heel pad. A sole made of rubber. Rubber sole materials can be roughly classified into natural rubber or synthetic rubber. The advantage of natural rubber is that it is very soft, very elastic and suitable for all kinds of sports. But the shortcoming is also obvious, that is, it is very wear resistant. Indoor sports shoes are mostly made of natural rubber. Synthetic rubber is divided into wear-resistant rubber, environmentally friendly rubber, air rubber, viscous rubber, hard rubber, and carbon rubber.

3. Outsole: From the outside, the joint state around the outsole should be tightly bonded without gaps, and the bottom surface should be flat. (rubber heel)

4. Heel: Whether it is low heel or high heel, the first thing to look at is whether it fits naturally with the shoes. For women's leather shoes with a half-high heel or above. The following two points are more important: First, the heel should be placed on the inner bottom. The front and rear swings should not be shaken; the second is that the palm should be no less than the bottom of the heel. (rubber Heel)

5. Insole: On the one hand, look at the material of the insole, preferably leather. On the other hand, it is better to press the waist file with your hand, which is equivalent to the part of the instep when wearing shoes. Under the action of this force, such as the deformation of the leather shoe along the mouth, indicating that the quality of the shoe is problematic.
6. Stability: Put the shoes on the plane, the shoes should be static immediately, such shoes are stable, which is one of the basic conditions of high-quality shoes.

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(1) Wear-resistant rubber: The wear-resistant rubber has excellent toughness and wear resistance and is extremely durable. This rubber material is commonly used in the outsole of tennis shoes.
(2) Environmentally friendly rubber: Environmentally friendly rubber, also known as recycled rubber, is made of recycled rubber with an outer sole of up to 10%. This rubber is very environmentally friendly. It is now used by most manufacturers.
(3) Air rubber: The rubber contains a small amount of air, which can play the role of shock absorption, but this air rubber is not wear-resistant, so the application is not very extensive.
(4) Viscous rubber: Viscous rubber has good flexibility and is very slip resistant, and is usually used to make indoor sports shoes.
(5) Hard rubber: Hard rubber is used to make the outer sole and choose the most comprehensive rubber. It is very tough and slip resistant, and the most important thing is very wear resistant. So it is widely used. Most of the common ones we use for shoes and basketball shoes, use this rubber to make the shoe outsole.
(6) Adding carbon rubber: Adding carbon to ordinary rubber materials makes the rubber more tough and wear-resistant. Most running shoes use this rubber, and the BRS letters are left in the back of the running sole. Indicates that the base is made of carbonized rubber.

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Second, the midsole of the business men's leather shoes
1, now the sneaker midsole I think I will not say that many people will also know, that is PHYLON midsole, and EVA midsole is the most common. In fact, both types of midsole belong to the same attribute category (engineering plastics), but why is there a difference in the name? PHYLON originated in the United States. The earliest shoe midsole was called PHYLON. There was no EVA midsole and PHYLON midsole. Later, with the continuous development of footwear products, some big brands of footwear products in Taiwan and South Korea were developed. At the source, the name of the midsole is more systematic, and we have the EVA midsole that we are talking about now. Below I will talk about the difference between the EVA midsole and the PHYLON midsole.

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