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Rubber soling sheet manufactuer for shoe sole marker HC-004

  • Rubber soling sheet manufactuer for shoe sole marker HC-004
  • Rubber soling sheet manufactuer for shoe sole marker HC-004
Product Details
Brand HC
Serial Number HC-004
Country of Origin CHINA
Certificate CE
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Minimum Order 50pcs
Average Delivery Time To be negotiated
Payment Method T/T
Package Details 100pcs/box
Ability to Supply 6000pcs/day

Rubber soling sheet manufactuer for shoe sole marker

Quick details on rubber soling sheet:

rubber soling sheet

Rubber Soling Sheet








60*70cm ,100*120cm ,100*110cm,100*100cm,70*100cm,65*100cm,60*100,ect.


86--94 SHORE A

Products name:

 Rubber sheets; Rubber soling sheet; Neolite sheets; rubber sole;


  65*100cm, 60*100cm,100*110cm, 100*120cm etc.


 2.0 to 6.0mm

Basis Color:

 Black, Beige, Brown

Surface Color:

 Any colors & any designs according to client's requirement


 86-96 ShoreA

Finished Appearance:

 one side shinny & other side rough for adhesive


 we can make the quality as customer's requirement



The advantage of the rubber soling sheet:

Windproof and warm: due to extremely small holes and irregular arrangement of tissues, it can prevent penetration in strong winds

rubber sole sheet



rubber heel sheet



Our service on rubber sole sheet:

rubber sheet

OEM&ODM Service 

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What you can get from cooperating with us ?

You can definitely always enjoy the best price versus performance ratio for neolit rubber sheet for shoe sole

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You will get our comprehensive technical support, have our most professional suggestion on each project, and tailored products according to your specific demand. rubber eva sheet sole

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Leather sole: Leather sole is a kind of sole which can breathe automatically and drive the foot to breathe. It has good air permeability and does not stuff the foot. It can release and absorb sweat automatically to keep the foot dry. The leather sole is mainly made of cowhide, and the price is higher. Its advantages are easy to set, unchanged, fit, good elasticity, can reduce impact and not easy to fatigue, ventilation, moisture absorption, etc., at the same time easy to process, the shape is easy to show aesthetic feeling. Hard texture is not easy to be pierced, but it is easy to warp and deform or rot after being soaked in water and oil. Its main features are: (1) better thermal insulation guarantees suitable temperature of foot in shoes; (2) light weight, weight of 0.95-1.05 g per square centimeter, just the same density of water. It can be waterproof and release moisture when the shoes are no longer wet, ensuring that the shoes are in a comfortable state. (3) Unique three-dimensional fiber structure, the sole does not break when bending at 180 degrees. Can quickly adapt to foot shape, can effectively support the impact of the ground, than the same thickness of other materials sole more effective foot protection. #rubber soling sheet

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