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Outsole Sole For Shoes Rubber Half Soles And Heels From China

  • Outsole Sole For Shoes Rubber Half Soles And Heels From China
  • Outsole Sole For Shoes Rubber Half Soles And Heels From China
Product Details
Brand HC
Serial Number HC-P008
Country of Origin CHINA
Certificate CE
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Payment & Shipping Terms
Price Quote to be negotiated
Minimum Order 50pcs
Average Delivery Time To be negotiated
Payment Method T/T
Package Details 100pcs/box
Ability to Supply 6000pcs/day

Outsole Sole For Shoes Rubber Half Soles And Heels From China


Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: JiangXi, China (Mainland) Brand Name: HC rubber sheet
  • Model Number: Sole rubber
  • Product Name: Any Colors Available Neolite Beige Shiny Thin Rubber Sheet
  • Name: Outsole Sole For Shoes Rubber Half Soles And Heels  Size:120cm*110cm,110*100,110*60,100*70,100*60,100*47 etc
  • Thickness: 2.5-10mm Surface Color:Any colors & any designs according to client's requirement;  
  • Hardness: 86-96 Shore A Finished:one side shinny & other side rough for adhesive;
  • Quality: we can make the quality as customer's requirement
  • Supply Ability: 5000 Sheet/Sheets per Day Sole rubber
  • Lead Time : 15 days


A sole made of rubber. Rubber sole materials can be roughly classified into natural rubber or synthetic rubber.

The advantage of natural rubber is that it is very soft, very elastic and suitable for all kinds of sports.

But the shortcoming is also obvious, that is, it is very wear resistant. Indoor sports shoes are mostly made of natural rubber.

Synthetic rubber is divided into wear-resistant rubber, environmentally friendly rubber, air rubber, viscous rubber, hard rubber, and carbon rubber.


1. The word rubber comes from the Indian cau-uchu, meaning "tears of tears." Natural rubber is obtained by solidifying and drying the latex which is discharged when the rubber is cut by the trefoil tree. The finished product is a material that is elastic, insulating, impervious to water and air. It is mainly divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Natural rubber is processed by extracting gum from plants such as rubber trees and rubber grasses. Synthetic rubber is obtained by polymerization of various monomers.

2. Rubber products are widely used in various aspects of industry or life. 

3. Rubber: A highly elastic polymer material with reversible deformation. It is elastic at room temperature and can produce large deformation under the action of a small external force, and can be restored to its original state after removing external force. Rubber is a completely amorphous polymer with a low glass transition temperature (Tg) and a large molecular weight, often greater than several hundred thousand. Rubber stress relaxation: that is, a rubber test piece is quickly stretched to a certain length, and the length is kept constant, and the stress is gradually reduced due to the extension of time, which is called stress relaxation.


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If you are interested in our warp knitting fabric, please tell us which quantity, color you want to order. we will make a performa invoice for your order. we will make the production after we receive your deposit payment.

Outsole Sole For Shoes Rubber Half Soles And Heels

Outsole Sole For Shoes Rubber Half Soles And Heels

Outsole Sole For Shoes Rubber Half Soles And Heels

name  Sole rubber
Size 120cm*110cm,110*100,110*60,100*70,100*60,100*47 etc
Thickness 2.5-10mm
Base Color Black,Beige,Brown,Etc
Surface Color Any colors & any designs according to client's requirement;
Hardness 86-96 Shore A
Finished one side shinny & other side rough for adhesive;
Quality we can make the quality as customer's requirement
Packing Details Wooden Pallet Or As Your Requirement for Outsole Sole For Shoes Rubber Half Soles And Heels 


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