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Soft sole shoes design rubber sheet casual men HC-P015

  • Soft sole shoes design rubber sheet casual men HC-P015
  • Soft sole shoes design rubber sheet casual men HC-P015
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Brand HC
Serial Number HC-P015
Country of Origin CHINA
Certificate CE
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Minimum Order 50pcs
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Payment Method T/T
Package Details 100pcs/box
Ability to Supply 6000pcs/day

Soft sole shoes design rubber sheet casual men two color P015

Soft sole shoes design rubber sheet

Properties (Soft sole shoes design rubber sheet casual men)
Technical Data 
Tensile Strength (Mpa)
Elongation ( % )
Hardness(Shore A)
Black, red, white, green, yellow, etc.
10m,15m,20m, or according to customer demand
1m,1.2m,1.25m,1.5m,1.6m, or according to customer demand

soft sole shoes design rubber sheet


(Soft sole shoes design rubber sheet casual men)


1) Easy to maintain and clean

2) rubber sheet is not easy to change color, can be non-slip

3) The rubber sole sheet is highly abrasion resistant. Friction with the floor is not easy to damage

4) rubber soling sheet can be used as a raised pattern to improve traction and reduce wear


1) Gym flooring
2) Ute&trailers
3) Door&walkways
4) Kennels, etc.
5) High traffic areas

soft sole shoes design rubber sheet


Main Features

1) The rubber sheet is very resistant to high temperatures and low temperatures. It is suitable for temperatures from -45 ° C to + 120 ° C.

2) Specially formulated rubber sheets also have anti-oxidation properties, can be used in extreme weather conditions, and can provide excellent service under such environmental conditions.

3) However, its adhesion is poor.

4) Rubber sheet material. Rubber sheet refers to the rubber material processed into a certain thickness. For example, the outer sole and midsole heel leather used in women's heel-pressing shoes and roll-up shoes. A kind of
Layer material. Strip material is rubber material which has been processed into certain specifications and shapes. For example, the outer rubber strip and the seam shoe are used along the strip. A kind of Rubber base material is a kind of unstable rubber mix in the raw rubber state. Molding technology is used in the production of outsole, so as to achieve the standard of bottom-to-bottom bonding. A kind of forming bottom. Molding degree is a rubber base material which is formed after rubber mixing and then pressed and vulcanized by a die. Such as full palm forming bottom, belt heel forming bottom and rubber front palm.

Rubber and thermoplastic elastomer are a new kind of material made of rubber and plastic by physical blending or chemical method. They overcome some shortcomings of the two materials. They are ideal synthetic materials for shoes at present. They are lightweight, waterproof, anticorrosive and wear-resistant, etc. They are widely used in shoemaking. In the process, such as imitation leather sole, EVA rubber sole, etc.

Generally speaking, rubber (rubber) is actually a kind of plastic, including rubber (rubber). Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) is a new type of polymer material between rubber and resin. TPE has the functions and properties of traditional thermoplastic rubber (soft, elastic and tactile). It also has the advantages of simple processing, fast processing and recyclable reuse of general thermoplastic plastics. Emphasize the advantages.

(Soft sole shoes design rubber sheet)

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